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Modern Bengali Saree Draping Style You Should Know

Modern Bengali Saree Draping Style You Should Know

Do you want to learn how to drape a saree in Bengali style? Keep reading this blog to learn the best ways of modern Bengali saree draping style in detail.

Sarees have been the most traditional attire of Indian women for more than 5000 years. Regardless of age, caste, or region, these long pieces of cloth have made a special place in the hearts of Indian ladies. The Bengali sarees and their draping styles are so popular among young ladies. Their unique style and elegance enhance the appearance of their wearer. Many Bollywood movies like Devdas have left a lasting influence on people’s minds for their Bengali style saree look. So, let us guide you to learn some modern Bengali saree draping style to flaunt an iconic look on special events.

  1. Front Open Pallu Style

You can drape your Soft Dhakai jamdani saree by bringing the pallu from back to front and tucking it on your shoulder. You can spread out the lower half of the saree which gives it a mermaid-like appearance making it look more gorgeous.

  1. Lehenga Draping Bengali Style Saree

An offbeat silk saree draped in lehenga style is a new trendsetter in weddings. This kind of Bengali pattern saree wearing style looks makes women look stylish.

  1. Open Pleated Bengali Saree Look

This is a simple Bengali saree look that is perfect for a pre-wedding event as well as on a Durga puja occasion. This kind of open pallu style goes well with a Bengali cotton saree.

  1. Aathpoure Bengali Saree Style

The Aathpoure style is the most traditional Bengali saree draping style. It looks just outstanding on a gorgeous Bengali bride. Such a beautiful saree style looks more attractive and magnificent with statement jewelry.

  1. Front Pleat Saree Draping In Bengali Style

This is a modern Bengali saree style that offers a minimal and subtle look to its wearer. The plates of the saree are adjusted on the front side to give it an elegant look. This kind of Bengali pattern saree wearing is multifunctional and easy to wear.

  1. Double-Sided Bengali Wedding Saree Style

The double-sided drape is an authentic Bengali wedding saree draping for events like the Haldi ceremony or Boubhat. The double-sided pallu gives you a unique look and makes you stand out from the crowd.




  1. How Do Bengalis Wear Saree?

To wear a Bengali style saree follow the steps given below –

  • Take the border portion of your saree and start tucking it from your right side.
  • Wrap the saree once around the body and then tuck it on your left hip.
  • Take the reverse side of the saree towards your right hip.
  • Now take the pallu of the saree and make neat pleats. Put the pallu on your left shoulder.
  • Pin the saree. Take the remaining saree from the back and bring the pallu in the front from the right-hand side from under your arm.
  1. Which Saree Is Famous In Bengal?

Some of the most popular Bengali design saree are – Garad saree, Taant saree, Kanthastitch saree, Baluchari saree, cotton saree, and silk saree.

  1. What Is A Traditional Bengali Style Saree Draping Called?

A traditional Bengali style saree draping is known as “Aatpoure” which refers to eightfold.

  1. How Many Types Of Bengali Saree Are There?

There are mainly 7 different types of Bengali type saree such as – Korial, Baluchari, Garad, Taant, Dhakai Jamdani, Matka Silk, and Tussar.

  1. Which Saree Is Best For Bengali Wedding?

Benarasi silk saree is the first choice when it comes to a Bengali wedding.

  1. Which Saree Draping Is Best?

Yet there are many different kinds of draping styles. But the Aatpoure style is the best one when it comes to celebrating a special occasion.

  1. What Are The Different Styles Of Draping Saree?

The open pleats, front pleats, double-sided, and Aathpoure are different kinds of Bengali type saree draping.

  1. What Is The Famous Fabric Of West Bengal?
Bengali silk sarees are one of the most famous fabrics in West Bengal.
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