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Sarees are said to epitomize and enhance the personality of a lady in every possible manner. There are countless varieties of sarees that are filling up the retail outlets these days and handloom sarees is one of the major one of those sarees. These are specifically made out of handmade fabric being woven wonderfully in the sarees today along with bright combination of colors. Apart from these, there are various kinds of regional sarees too such as Bengali sarees, Gujrati Stitch sarees, etc., which come from the different regions of India. Not only these, the variations of sarees have crossed all confinements and evolved into countless other designs as well. These include Jamdani sarees, Silk Cotton sarees, Tussar Silk Sarees, Kantha Stitch sarees, Maheshwari sarees, cotton sarees, Tant Silk sareesDesigner Kurtis Online so on and so forth.

Sarees are not only meant for occasional use or functions only but these are also very much suitable for regular wear too. Although the daily women wear today does not find too much prominent use of sarees as the same has been replaced by salwar suits, leggings, kurtas, etc., yet, the tradition has not faded completely. After all, no other type of women’s wear can match up to the levels of superiority as those of Indian Ethnic sarees. Nowadays, of course, the sarees too have revolutionized in several ways and have transformed into innovative blends of contemporary trends. This has led to the genre of designer Bollywood sarees that are especially designed by alloying the quintessence of tradition with trends through the hues of the splendid sarees.

The boutique sarees are another common form of sarees that are more of experimental ones made out of creative color and fabric ideas. These are specifically designed by professionals who have studied and researched a lot about designing of sarees. All these sarees are present for purchase not only in the sarees shops and outlets but also in the online shopping portals. In fact, sarees online shopping today is a different craze altogether that mesmerizes the ladies with the innumerable varieties along with giving a chance of category based viewing, price list, attractive offers and many more facilities that aggravate the saree shopping experience.

Bengali Sarees: Wearing Style & Type Tips

A saree is the most feminine and graceful outfit in India. This Indian attire represents the cultural beauty and identity of Indian women. Today it has become a fashionable outfit for many Indian women and brides but in the past, this humble drape was in the identity of being an Indian woman. Its origin is as old as the great Indian valley civilization. Wearing a saree can transform the whole personality of its wearer and gives a boost to her self-confidence. India being a land of various cultures and religions has developed different kinds of draping styles. Every saree has a unique beauty in itself. Out of all the Indian saree, the most unique and creative one is the Bengali handloom saree. The beautiful embroidery and vibrant colors of this Indian attire make it one of the popular choices among ladies. Every saree represents a unique class and style that makes the women look more gorgeous. We have listed below some of the most gorgeous traditional Bengali saree design which you should buy online.

      1. Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Bengali jamdani saree is an excellent Indian women's attire which was originated in Bangladesh. Today the soft dhakai jamdani saree is made from fine muslin and is incredibly light weighted. Most women love to buy this traditional bengali saree online for its easy-to-wear nature and intricate designs.

      2. Baluchori Silk Sarees 

Another popular Bengali design saree is the Baluchori silk. This beautiful saree originated in the Murshidabad and Bishnupur districts of West Bengal. A typical Baluchori silk saree contains traditional motifs, human motifs, and colonial motifs which makes it a unique saree design.

      3. Bengali Cotton Saree

Bengali cotton sarees are known for their elegant design and super soft texture. Cotton sarees are made of fine quality handwoven material that comes in various colors and designs. Some of the amazing cotton saree designs like Koral Bengali cotton silk saree, Matka silk, and minakari jamdani are more famous in Bengal.

      4. Kantha stitch saree  

Kantha stitch is an outstanding piece of fabric in the Bengali saree collection. The making of Kantha stitch saree is often practiced in rural areas by women. This wonderful saree originated from the Shantiniketan area in West Bengal. It started as small pieces of old torn clothes stitched together to form beautiful sarees.

      5. Tant Silk Sarees 

The Bengali tant saree is another popular women’s outfit in the Bengal region. This soft and light weighted fabric is made from a cotton thread which is ideal to wear in the summer season. These translucent sarees are available in various shades with thick borders and ornate designs.

      6. Pure Swarnachari Saree 

A Swarnachari saree is a variety of Baluchori saree made with pure silk and golden zari. This saree has unique patterns and subtle motifs of Indian folklore on it. It originated in Bolpur West Bengal by excellent craftsmen.

      7. Matka Silk Saree

Matka Silk Saree is one of the finest saree in the Bengali saree collection. The Matka silk fabric is woven in the Murshidabad and Malda districts of West Bengal. It is made from mulberry silk and designed with unique patterns and borders. It can be a great Bengali wedding saree choice for your fun-filled Haldi ceremony.

      8. Pure Muslin Bengali Saree 

Another popular option in the saree market is a Dhakai muslin saree. The origin of this ultra-smooth saree dates back to the Mughal era. Its delicate fabric and exotic designs make it the epitome of luxury and comfort.

      9. Tussar Bengali Saree

Tussar silk is one of the finest Bengali handloom saree that never goes out of fashion. This saree is a popular choice for a post-wedding function or office wear. The fabric used in this saree is naturally golden in color which gives it a luxurious feel.

    10. Phulia Handwoven Saree 

This Bengali cotton saree is extremely popular for its simplicity and lightweightedness. It comes in various patterns and unique designs. The main highlight of this beautiful saree is the broad pallu region. Its red and white combination is a perfect choice for the pre-wedding ritual and Durga puja occassion.

    11. Hand Painted Saree 

Handpainted saree is the most gorgeous Bengali design saree that is a raging trend right now for its creative patterns and easy-to-wear feature. This light-weighted saree is designed by local artisans who are experts in hand painting. Its wonderful pattern gives you a statement look whenever you wear this saree.

Bengali Saree – 

Bengali Sarees are known for their intricate designs and beautiful colors. The sarees are usually made of silk or cotton. The beautiful drape is then adorned with gold and silver threadwork embroidery. The traditional draping style of a Bengali silk saree is also known as Aatpoure. Usually, the Bengali saree is wrapped around the waist from the right side. It is then pleated and tucked inside the waist. The remaining portion of the saree covers the upper body and the pleats are placed on the left shoulder. The pallu is kept long and placed on the right shoulder. It comes under the right hand of the woman and appears like a cowl style. This kind of Bengali pattern saree wearing style emphasizes the beauty of Bengali women and makes them look more gorgeous. Pairing this Bengali saree with a half-of-full sleeve blouse and gold jewelry can complete your Bengali look. You can wear a red bindi and smokey eye makeup to add a glamorous twist to your ethnic look.


    1.Why Traditional Bengali Saree Is A Popular Choice Among Indian Women?

Traditional Bengali sarees are made from fine muslin and are lightly weighted which makes them a comfortable outfit to wear on all kinds of occasions. Moreover, their intricate designs and attractive shades in natural colors make them a highly demanding outfit in India as well as in foreign countries.

     2. What Are The Different Type Of Bengali Sarees?

The different types of Bengali sarees are as follows –

Garad Saree

Baluchori Saree

Tant Saree

Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Korial Saree

Murshidabad Silk Saree

Tussar Saree

Phulia Hand Woven Saree

Sharchnachori Saree

    3. Which Is The Most Popular Bengali Bridal Saree?

Bengali women love to wear rich and classy outfits. The Banarasi silk saree is the most popular option when it comes to a wedding outfit.

    4. Why Bengali Women Love Wearing Red & White Bengali Saree?

The reason behind the popularity of the red and white Bengali saree is its auspiciousness. The white color of the saree stands for purity and divinity while the red color symbolizes fertility. This is why most of the married women in Bengal love wearing the Korial saree.

    5. Which Is The Mostly Worn Bengali Saree Types?

The most popular saree in bengali community are the Korial saree, Bengali silk saree, Tusaar saree, and cotton saree.