Art Silk Kantha Stitch Saree

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Katha or Kantha work saree, is a very popular & oldest style of purely hand embroidery that comes from Bolpur-Shantiniketan of West Bengal, Art Silk kantha stitch saree is now very popular due to its cheap pricing, and also ease to use. Basically the ‘running’ hand stitch saree, The remarkable kantha needlework is purely spontaneous folk expression of personal desire and emotion of the rural woman belonging to different region, ethnic, and religious groups. Thus, as no-two human being is same – no two kantha pieces are same as it is very uncommon and unique. This kind of embroidery truly marks a flair for style in any individual, while maintaining the appeal of comfort and leisure. This particular hand-art has crossed the Indian border and is being recognized by international fashion industry. Moreover this intricate artwork is very time consuming, and it takes about 2-6 months for a full time artisan to make one Kantha Saree.