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Tussar Silk Sarees

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Our Graceful Collection of Tussar Silk Sarees

Bengal’s tussar silk sarees are famous worldwide for their unique design and radiance. Banglarsare.com has brought to you a selection of the Bengal’s original tussarsilk sarees. We have selected the best of the best designs from specialized expert designers to avail them for your satisfaction. Draping these silk sarees will get you so many praises and compliments that you will be tired of acknowledging them all.

Our tussar silk sarees are of high -quality silk, obtained from the wild winged moth. Their golden radiance will not fade even after constant washing. They are quite textured and have an untamed, wild beauty around them. They come in a variety of colours, including cream, beige, tawny, and honey. Their uneven golden hue is what makes them popular and enviable. We also provide a variety of dark coloured tussar silk saree that has been dyed. You can choose your favourite from the plethora of varieties available.

Our tussar silk sarees are so light that you would not feel a thing even after wearing it for a long time. These sarees are easier to drape and effortless to handle. They are well known for their durability and shrink resistance quality. We only provide the best and the most breathable fabric for you so that you can wear them despite various seasonal changes. Moreover, they are easy to maintain; you need not have an elaborate maintenance regime to protect them from damage. They do not need dry cleaning and can be easily washed and dried at home.

We provide a large variety of tussar silk sarees that include handloom tussar silk, tussar silk jamdani, and much more. You can find unique designs with colourful borders, geometrical embroideries, floral motifs, and so much more. This festive season, get our gorgeous tussar silk saree to look radiant and royal. Tussar silk sarees are quite famous in Indian weddings because of the golden hue they emit. We Indian loves anything that is golden and tussar silk sarees are included among them.

We also provide various other sarees where tussar silk has been used as a base. You can find Kantha stitch sarees, which is basically elaborate embroidery on tussar silk fabric. Our eye catching and attractive designs will make you look enchanting and magnificent on any occasion. We are determined to provide our customers with high-quality, unique tussar silk saree for their satisfaction. Get this piece of regional art today!