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Buy Silk Saree Online in Kolkata

When talking about Silk saree of Bengal, Murshidabad silk is the name that comes to the mind. It has a huge background and well known all over the country. Silk is a fabric which is being used for weaving high standard saree. Tamil Nadu is another place where silk is being cultured and silk saree are woven. In Bengal, Murshidabad is the place where the silk saree are being woven by expert craftsman from the Mughal period. it is early in the eighteenth century when this tradition was brought in Bengal by the Mughal emperor.

How to get the silk saree easily?

Still now this district is the prime location of the silk weaving saree. These saree are being brought to Kolkata, the capital city of the state. From here the wholesaler of saree buys them and then reaches them to the customers. Silk saree in Kolkata is easily available at physical saree store at affordable price. The price increases with the higher quality of the silk. Different qualities of silk are available at this prime location.

Baluchari silk is another choice

Besides the Murshidabad silk, Baluchari is another well known expensive silk saree of Bengal. Different kinds of Baluchari are available:

  • Resham Baluchari
  • Meenakari Baluchari
  • Swarnachari Baluchari

The price of the saree depends on the threads which are used and the design and pattern made on the saree. Most of the designs of Baluchari are form the religious texts and scripts which are made y the weavers of Bishnupur. The main design of the Baluchari is o the pallu. Hence it is better to wear the saree with one single pleat which shows the entire design of the pallu. Check reference to wear Baluchari in right way.

Why buy the silk saree online in India?

Even now the online stores are getting them too. Silk saree online India makes them available at any states in India easily. Here are some benefits to buy the silk saree online:

  • Check out huge variety just sitting a home
  • Get original Murshidabad silk or Baluchari from the manufacturer directly
  • Get the price at affordable and cheaper from physical stores
  • Easily available at any part of the country
  • Get the delivery of the saree at your desired destination
  • Ay alteration can be done over the online platform.

Thus sitting at Delhi you can easily get the original Murshidabad silk at cheaper price through online. Check out the online platform for different options and designs of such silk saree.