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Traditional Bengali Sarees Online

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Traditional Bengali Saree (Red and White Special) Online Shopping

Indian women cannot look much beauty than in a saree. It’s a white truth which many men will not deny. Indian traditional wear is all about saree and Bengalis are highly skilled with every kind of saree.

Saree is nothing but a long piece of cloth. But this simple long piece of cloth is being beautifully draped around the body. Various pleats are being done at the centre and at the shoulder. Overall it makes a women look beautiful in it. Traditional Bengali saree are still now quite popular among Bengalis as well as other culture too.

It’s all about traditional Bengali saree

When we talks about Bengali saree, the first images that comes to our mind is the white and red Bengali saree. Often Bengal women prefer this combination of cotton saree on any religious festivals. This particular combination is a sign of a married woman and also a symbol of purity and vitality. Now a day, not only married women, but red white Bengali saree is also a common preferred one in any women during any puja or religious festivals. Even the fabric has been altered form cotton to other too.

Few common traditional bengali saree

Here are some of the names of Bengal saree:

  • Tant saree
  • Baluchari saree
  • Tussar saree
  • Garad saree
  • Dhakai jamdani saree
  • Murshidabad silk saree
  • Phulia Hand woven saree

All these different types of saree have been categorized based on the geographical locations. Like Murshidabad is a district in Bengal while Phulia is a village in Nadia district of Bengal.

It is all about the Bengali saree and how to wear Bengali saree

Bengali women are born to wear such saree which are perfect on them. They are also quite skilled in draping saree in different ways. But the Bengali has own style of draping the saree. This draping is having a grand look that makes the women look like a queen. If you want to know how to wear Bengali saree, then check out the YouTube videos for the drape. Anyone can learn this particular draping style which is very easy and makes comfortable wear too.

Wrapping up

In this era, Bengali saree tradition has been revived and got a modern outlook. The earlier styles are coming back with a different touch. Hence the fashion statement that the women of this country follows is an always a statement all around the world. Besides Bengal, the other parts of the Indian states are having their style of saree draping.