Pure Silk Baluchari-Swarnachari Sarees

Pure Silk Baluchari-Swarnachari Sarees

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Baluchari Saree or Baluchuri Sari (Bengali-বালুচরী শাড়ি) is a type of Bengali Saree with high quality mythological scenes on pallu worn by women. It was mainly produced in Bishnupur  and some part of Murshidabad of West Bengal is the only place where authentic Baluchuri sarees are produced.

Swarnachari saree is also same type of saree now very popular mainly produced by Bishnupur of West Bengal.

Baluchari and Swarnachari both are same type of saree & mythological work, only difference is the minakari work on pallu of Baluchari with thread yarn work and Swarnachari minakari work with golden zari.

Our exclusive range of Baluchari and Swarnachari Sari is pure Silk with Sikmark tag and purely handloom.