Timeless Muslin Saree Collection For All Occassion | Banglar Saree

Timeless Muslin Saree Collection For All Occassion | Banglar Saree

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Amongst all the popular fabrics known in India, muslin is one of them. Muslin sarees are woven from the finest variety of silk that grows in Bengal. The fabric of the pure muslin silk saree is almost transparent. It is silky and super-light. This texture has made this fabric famous all over the world. Generally, these sarees originated in Dhaka and became popular during the Mughal age, also weaved in West Bengal.

We have the best moslin saree collection for all women. Whether you are looking for traditional Bengali sarees, or something more modern and stylish, we have a great selection of muslin silk saree that will suit your taste and style!

Our handloom muslin saree is made from the finest quality material. They are lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for those who want to look great without being weighed down by heavy clothes. The silk muslin saree is also very comfortable to wear and comes in various colors so you can choose one that suits your personality perfectly.


You can get any kind of muslin saree design as per your choice whether it is for an occasion or just for everyday wear. Banglar Saree is dedicated to making your ethnic wear collection stylish and amazing with its dhakai muslin saree online shopping platform.


Know About The Glorious Muslin Saree History

The earliest known reference to silk muslin saree was made by Chanakya in his book Arthashastra in the 4th century B.C. Over the years, travelers from Rome, Greece, Egypt and England have talked about the muslin sarees in their memoirs. When India was under Mughal rule, the muslin fabric from Dhaka received great recognition as a sign of royalty and nobility. The fabric was then well-known for its quality and were used to make fashionable dresses and gowns.

However, when the British monopolized the textile trade in Bengal in the 18th century, the weavers faced a lot of problems. They were forcibly paid less price for their muslin saris which gradually led to a decline in the textile manufacturing industry in Bengal. After a long period of decline, several muslin weaving by handloom industries for making muslin silk shari is being revived in Bengal and Bangladesh by governments, NGOs and research groups.

About Muslin Silk Saree 

Muslin dhakai jamdani saree has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice for formal occasions. They are made from fine, lightweight fabrics. Muslin silk sarees come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them perfect for any occasion. The muslin silk sarees are the ones predominant in the market today. This is because muslin sarees are extremely light, sensuous to the touch, and look exotic when worn properly. Traditional floral weaving is used to weave these sarees. The fineness of the sarees and the intricate woven patterns determine the dhakai muslin saree price in kolkata. You can order a muslin silk sari online.

Whether you're looking for something to wear to an important event or just want to make a statement with your wardrobe, handloom muslin jamdani saree is an excellent option. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also feel comfortable and luxurious on the skin. From traditional designs to modern prints, there's something for everyone when it comes to muslin embroidery saree. If you're looking for an original muslin saree that stands out from the crowd, then you must shop from popular muslin sarees online platforms like Banglarsare.

Types Of Muslin Fabric Saree

Let's have a look at some of the most gorgeous and popular Muslin sarees-

Muslin Dhakai Saree

The Dhakai muslin saree is designed with a layer of beautiful patterns. This saree has small lace borders on its edges which makes it more beautiful. It is perfect to be worn on religious occasions.

Muslin Banarasi Saree

The Banarasi muslin sarees in Kolkata are the best option for wedding wear. The saree is made from pure silk and beautifully designed with floral motifs.

Muslin Jamdani Saree

This elegant saree is known from ancient times for its royal look and finest embroidery. It is mostly made with silk and cotton threads and coated with floral designs that provide it extra richness.

Muslin Cotton Saree

The muslin cotton saree is a perfect outfit for the summer season. Pure cotton threads are used to make this light-weighted saree.

Muslin Sequence Saree

The sequin work saree is the most fashionable ladies' wear. The dainty sequin work all over the saree gives it a shiny and beautiful look.

Resham Muslin Saree

A Resham muslin saree is the finest type in this category. The borders of this muslin saree are very thin. Various Bengali motifs are used to design the saree which makes it look unique and enchanting.

Muslin Matka Saree

Matka muslin is an elegant hand-woven saree that every woman wants to have in their wardrobe. These sarees are very delicate to the touch and available in different colors.

Muslin Organza Sarees

These muslin fabrics are also known as Kora Muslin Silk Saree. Its intricate designs and vibrant shades can provide a mesmerizing look. This lightweight muslin looks more gorgeous when paired with kora muslin saree blouse designs.

Tips and Tricks on Styling Bengal Cotton Sarees

Muslin sarees are timeless and classic Indian wear. They are known for their light and airy fabric, which makes them perfect for any season. Styling muslin sarees can be tricky, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily create stunning looks that will turn heads.

You can pair a red muslin saree with gold jewelry. Make sure to complement the saree look with a bun or open hairstyle. You can choose from a wide range of muslin saree blouse designs to add a glamorous vibe to your final look. Similarly, you can pair colorful jewelry or gold bangles with a white muslin saree and black muslin saree to appear more attractive.

Banglar Sare Is The Best Muslin Saree Online Shopping Platform

The classy ethnic collection of muslin sarees is a must-have in any wardrobe. These lightweight and airy sarees are perfect for any occasion, from formal events to casual gatherings. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to suit any taste.

Therefore, having a muslin saree in your wardrobe is a must. Whether you're looking for something traditional or modern, you can find the perfect muslin saree for your needs at Banglarsare online shopping platform. We are a well-known muslin saree manufacturer who designs the finest and most elegant muslin sarees for women of all ages.

FAQs Related To Muslin Sarees

1. How can I shop for Muslin Sarees on Banglarsare?

Shopping for Muslin Saree on the Banglar Sare website is very easy. Browse through our latest collection of muslin sarees on the website, add the products you wish to buy into your cart, fill out the details and choose the payment method to make the final order.

2. Which Indian State Is Famous For Making Muslin Saree?

Bengal is famous for producing pure muslin sarees in various designs and colors.

3. Who Invented Muslin Cloth?

Indian Muslims of the Mughal Era invented this beautiful fabric which was later introduced to European countries.

4. Why Is The Muslin Saree So Special?

The light-weighted fabric made from high-quality cotton makes this elegant attire breathable and therefore a perfect outfit for summer.

5. Which Is The Best Muslin Saree For Wedding Occasions?

Hand-woven muslin silk sarees are considered the best pick for wedding events.

6. What Is The Average Pure Muslin Saree Price In Kolkata?

The average price of a pure muslin saree ranges between Rs.5000 to Rs.6200.