Explore The Beauty Of Kantha Stitch Saree

Explore The Beauty Of Kantha Stitch Saree

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Kantha stitch saree is an ancient Indian art form that has been passed down through generations. Originating in homes of rural Bengal, the Kantha stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery, with decorations created by running stitches and small motifs. This type of saree is traditionally made from cotton fabric and hand-stitched for a unique look. The Kantha stitch saree is in high demand due to its intricate pattern, captivating colors, and historical significance.

The specialty of the Kantha print saree is it depicts beautiful stories from Indian mythology and our daily life through its spectacular designs. Kantha embroidery is a type of unique and traditional hand embroidery, where the saree is embellished with simple running stitches. Making a Kantha stitch saree design can take up to several days. Kantha work saree is not just a beautiful attire for women, it also represents the creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship of the women of Bengal. You will never find a similar Kantha work design. As every saree is a creation, idea, and innovation of individual crafting it. All the patterns, colors, and style of presentation varies from woman to woman who created the masterpiece.

Traditionally, Bengal Kantha sarees were painted in colors like black, blue, and red which symbolize our nature, earth, and sky. Nowadays, the Kantha stitch silk saree has become a popular choice amongst women of all ages and is often seen at weddings and other traditional occasions. Adding this artistic fabric to your wardrobe will surely increase the glory of your saree collection.

History Of Kantha Stitch Saree

India is a land of creative minds and genius artists. From magnificent architecture to the finest fabrics we have amazed the world with our imagination and craftsmanship. One such great example of our brilliance in art and crafts is a beautiful Kantha stitch saree. This traditional 9-yard-long wonder is believed to be approximately 500 years old. It originated in the Shantiniketan, Birbhum, and Murshidabad districts of West Bengal. Made from recycled saree this is one of the oldest forms of Indian embroidery.

It is believed that the origin of Kantha embroidery is related to the lord Buddha and his disciples. They used the discarded rags in the form of fabrics to cover themselves. The oldest record of Kantha embroidery dates back to the 18th century which was done on sari borders. Traditionally, the Kantha fabrics and quilts have ceremonial symbols and animal pattern designs. Ladies of Rural Bengal started this form of embroidery on quilts and passed down from generation to generation as a form of art. Kantha embroidery sarees have  now become a symbol of our glorious past, culture, and creativity.

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Types Of Kantha Stitch Work

A Kantha work is divided into 7 categories as per their use and designs. Let’s have a look at all the traditional Kantha embroidery types.

Lep Kantha – This type of work often includes creating rectangular warps to produce warm coverlets. Later, simple designs are executed on it that gives it a unique look.

Sujani Kantha – This form of embroidery is usually done on blankets and clothes that are used on festive occasions like a patchwork dupatta or saree.

Baiton Kantha – This style of stitching is often done to cover books and valuable items. The fabric is patterned with colorful borders and designs.

Oaar Kantha – This style of stitching is done on rectangular pillow covers. The design made on the covers is simple but has beautiful and decorative borders on the edges.

Archilata Kantha – It is a type of embroidery done on rectangular covers made for covering mirrors. It contains colorful and wide borders with assorted motifs.

Durjani/Thalia Kantha- This stitching style has embroidered borders with a central lotus design on small rectangles. All three corners of the small rectangle are folded inward to form a wallet.

Rumal Kantha- This type of stitching is done on wipes and plate coverings. A central lotus design with ornamental borders increases the beauty of the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kantha stitch saree

What is a Kantha saree?

Kantha saree is a type of saree that uses a traditional form of embroidery. Pure Kantha silk sarees are very popular among women for the festive occasionThese sarees are designed intricately using floral motifs, animal figures, and unique patterns. Kantha stitch sarees are usually made of cotton and silk fabrics.

How is a Kantha stitch saree made?

Kantha stitch saree is made using cotton or silk fabrics. The fabric is first cut into shapes, layered, and stitched together to achieve the desired shape. 

What type of thread is used for Kantha stitching?

To make a Kantha stitch saree cotton or silk threads are used.

Which state is associated with the Kantha style of embroidery?

West Bengal is famous all over the world for its traditional form of Kantha embroidery.

Which fabric is used for Kantha's work?

Generally, silk and cotton fabric are associated with the Kantha saree design.

How many types of Kantha stitches are there?

There are usually seven types of Kantha stitches which include – Lep Kantha, Sujani Kantha, Baithon Kantha, Oaar Kantha, Archilata Kantha, Durjani Kantha, and Rumal Kantha.