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What are the different types of Bengali Sarees?

What are the different types of Bengali Sarees?

Bengali women are most beautiful in the entire world not just because of their physical beauty but also they have class, elegance, style and grace exuding effortlessly. The Bengali culture is rich, partly due to the clothes and fashion. Indeed, Bengal is popular for repository of unique textiles, fine fabrics and elegant clothes designed artistically. Nothing represents their style and fashion better than Classic Bengali Sarees matching perfectly with fashion jewelry, matching accessories and amazing hairstyles. Bengali saree is distinct and identifiable because of the light material like silk or cotton they are made up of, and the prominent large border, exuding class. The border is displayed with unique drape whereby the saree is parallel pleated, wrapped around waist and then tucked right in front. Among the various types of Bengali sarees like Baluchari sarees, Silk sarees, Taant Sarees, Jamdani sarees, Handloom, etc, Jamdani Saree is really popular. Bengali women are truly an inspiration for the saree lovers across the globe.

The popularity of different styles of Bengali Sarees

Whether it is Jamdani, Taant, Baluchari, The Garad, Tussar Silk, Swarnachari Saree or Korial Saree, each has their own charm, beauty and distinct feature. No matter what kind of Bengali Saree you drape, the look is completed by blouse with puffed sleeves or simply long-sleeved blouse. The wardrobe of self-respecting woman of Bengal is incomplete without the Korial saree. Garad Sari has the hue of solid red color to make it beautiful and appealing. Jamdani is high on demand among people belonging to high class society. Bengali women of current times have their own preferences when it comes to styling, drapes and garments. When compared to other types of sarees, Bengali sarees are beautiful, artistic whether it is Jamdani or Taant. Baluchari saree, for instance, is popular for stunning and elegant ‘pallus’, richly embellished with depictions and motifs of mythological figures.

Traditional Bengali artsy style sarees

Most of the traditional saree designs are now adapted into artsy style sarees so popular among artists and literati. They look cool, stylish, comfortable, and if draped in free-flowing style, they may look amazing. When you wear such a saree, there is no need to deck yourself up with heavy gold ornaments or accessories. Bengalis have popularized both traditional and modern trends of sarees worn along with apt accessories and jewelries. You may shop for all such items from the comfort of your home.

Buy handloom Jamdani Saree online

Jamdani is Muslin textile of the finest grades. Originating in Dhaka, Jamdani textiles is now picked up by West Bengal. The fabric is feather-light while Jamdani Saree is sheer with its fine motifs elegantly woven all across the body to render it grand and luxurious finish. So, if you are impressed by sheer elegance, appeal and charm of Jamdani sarees, you may buy Jamdani Handloom saree online. You will fine wide variety of sarees online among which choices can be made.

You can buy Jamdani saree from Bangladesh, West Bengal in various colors, styles and patterns online. Choose among multi-colored variety or half-n-half style saree. Bengal cotton and silk saree are equally popular.
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