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Wash Care Tips for Tant Saree

Wash Care Tips for Tant Saree

Tant, as we all know, is a popular style of saree worn by Bengali ladies in West Bengal and Bangladesh. This type of Bengali saree is woven in Murshidabad, Dhaka, Nadia, Hooghly and Tangail among other places.

The lightness and transparency of this saree make it the most appropriate and enjoyable garment to wear in India's hot and humid climate. During the Mughal Empire, muslin and tant became well-known, but it is claimed that the British command tried to abolish the industry to safeguard the Manchester textile industry. Today, however, the demand for this saree is increasing once more. Here are some basic information about Tant sarees, including how to wash and care for them.

If this is your first time washing a tant saree, soak it in lukewarm water with rock salt. The next time you wash it, soak it in water with a gentle shampoo or detergent, hand rub it, clean it, and then add water and starch, followed by more cleaning.

Handlooms were once used by weavers, however they were later replaced by power looms. These sarees are commonly found in gorgeous pastel colors with thick borders that have been well-designed. Tant's motifs include floral and paisley generally, giving it a laid-back yet sophisticated appeal. This saree was worn by the women in various Bengali films to give them a genuine Bengali look.

What Makes Tant Saree Unique From Other Sarees

The Tant saree is distinguished from other types of sarees by its weaving process. Cotton threads are cleaned of any chemicals, bleached, sun-dried, and dried again before being dyed by dunking them in boiling water. Sarees would be then starched and treated to improve their fineness and durability. Before entering the loom, the threads are rolled on bamboo drums.

Every Tant saree has a unique design on the pallu, border and body. An artist creates the designs, which are then punched onto soft card boards and strung from the loom. Everything is now in place to begin weaving. The simplest Tant saree takes about 8-10 hours to knit.

What Is The Best Way for Washing a Tant Saree?

  • Before washing the Tant Saree for the first time, soak it in lukewarm water with rock salt.
  • For longevity, use mild detergent and avoid drying in direct sunlight.
  • In a large pot, pour any gentle shampoo and soak the saree for 2-3 minutes.
  • Clean the saree by rubbing it with your hand. No other element or brush should be used because it may cause damage to the saree.
  • Clean it by soaking it in clean water and then cleaning it again.
  • Now you can add starch and a little water to it to keep the saree's luster.
  • Now set it out in the sunlight to dry out the starch.

Precautions when Washing a Tant saree

  1. Soak a Tant saree in lukewarm water with rock salt for 10-15 minutes before first wash.
  2. It will ensure color is undyingly adhered to the saree and that the saree does not spill color during subsequent washings. To protect a Tant saree from shrinking, wash it with a moderate detergent. Rather than wringing it out too much, hang up it over a water tap and let the excess water from the fabric.
  3. After washing Tant sarees, starch them to ensure that they hold the crispness and are stain-free.
  4. When hanging the saree to dry, ensure it is in a covered area because direct sunshine can degrade the color.
  5. To keep the saree fresh, store it in an airy locker away from dampness and direct sunlight.
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