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Understanding why Muslin sarees are so popular? Here's how to buy them

Understanding why Muslin sarees are so popular? Here's how to buy them

A common name in the saree market is Dhakai muslin saree and every Indian woman either has one of her own or has inherited a muslin saree from her mother’s wardrobe. The origin of muslin sarees dates back to the Mughal empire, it is during this time that muslin was popularised and even today, it is considered as the epitome of luxury and comfort. 

The fiber is extremely delicate with exotic designs that are just the icing on the cake. Dhakai muslin sarees , also commonly known as Bengali Saree is known as the best of the muslin sarees. Buying muslin sarees might seem like a tricky job, but trust us on this, it’s not. You just need to know a few things about it and that’s all. So, without any further delay, let's get started.

  • The airy feeling:

Muslin sarees are famous for the lightness and the airy feeling of the whole fabric. The high-quality cotton used, and the delicate fibres are what make muslin as soft as it is and bring a feeling of freedom in itself. So, this criteria is a must check when you buy muslin sarees.

  • Motifs:

Motifs are what make muslin sarees so famous. Along with the airy, light feeling that it gives you, muslin sarees also have a wide variety of designs ranging from floral to geometrical, to abstract but all weaved intricately so as to make it look three dimensional as if it is floating on the surface. So, if you are shopping muslin sarees that do not have 3D, it’s probably time that you save your time and money and leave the place now!

  • Colours and texture:

Although muslin sarees are all about the lightweight and soft texture, you should also keep in mind the quality of fabric before buying muslin sarees. Remember to not compromise the quality of the saree for anything. That brings us to the next point of our discussion.

  • Cost:
Last but not least, the most important factor that should be considered while you buy a muslin saree is the budget. A genuine muslin saree is not going to cost you less than 2500 bucks. If you’re planning to buy muslin sarees online, you might get it for cheaper, but remember to shop from a trusted site or brand to avoid fraud or bad quality muslin
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