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Types of Jamdani Saree and How to Identify an Authentic One?

Types of Jamdani Saree and How to Identify an Authentic One?

The saree is undoubtedly an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Jamdani sarees are one of the most desired textiles representing India's heritage and rich culture. Fashion experts consider it one of the finest varieties of muslin. The weaver's hand weaves the designs all over the saree, influenced by Mughal motifs. Nowadays, people from all over India identify Jamdani as luxurious Bengali sarees. But you will be surprised to know that royal female personalities wore them in the Mughal period. In the 20th century, the demand for Jamdani sarees increased, particularly among the elite class. This was the time when the art of Jamdani weaving was revived. Today, Jamdani sarees are considered to be one of the finest and most luxurious forms of handwoven textiles in the world. These sarees are highly valued for their intricate designs and craftsmanship. They continue to be produced by skilled weavers in Bangladesh, with each saree taking several weeks or even months to create.

Let's try to discover facts related to its glorious past and the different types of this elegant women's attire.


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Origin Of Jamdani Saree

Jamdani sarees is a handwoven saree, known for its intricate and delicate floral and geometric designs. The origin of Jamdani sarees can be traced back to Bangladesh, which was formerly part of undivided Bengal.


The art of weaving Jamdani sarees was introduced in Bengal during the Mughal period between the 16th-18th century. It is believed that the term 'Jamdani' originated from the Persian words 'Jam' meaning flower and 'Dani' meaning vase. The weaving technique involves creating fine, sheer fabrics with an intricate pattern of designs. It looks like they are floating on the surface of the fabric, similar to the way flowers would float in a vase.

Initially, Jamdani sarees were made with a blend of cotton and gold threads, and were worn by the nobility and aristocracy of the Mughal court. The weaving of Jamdani sarees was a highly skilled craft that was passed down from generation to generation. The weavers who created these sarees were highly respected for their craftsmanship.

Over time, Jamdani sarees became more widely available and were worn by women of all classes. In the 19th century, the art of Jamdani weaving faced a decline for an extended period due to the high import of Cheap European fabrics. But in a few years, weavers from Bangladesh and West Bengal had revived this royal thing again. Thanks to them, this piece of art is going on for the future.

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What Are the Types of Jamdani Saree?

Various types of jamdani sarees are available in India, especially in the markets of Bengal. Though every style is unique, there are thin lines of difference between them. Before selecting the best saree for yourself or your mom, you should research.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree – It is the most popular type of Jamdani worn by women on occasions such as a wedding or religious festivals. This beautiful saree originated in Dhaka city of Bangladesh.

Tangail Jamdani Saree– This saree is known for its enchanting floral designs and broad motifs. This elegant attire has come from the Tangail district of Bangladesh.

Shantipuri Jamdani Saree- Shantipuri Jamdani is designed by the rural woven of the Shantipur area of West Bengal. This fabric has a fine texture and striped motifs which make them stand out from the rest.

Dhaniakhali Jamdani Saree- These sarees were crafted in the Dhaniakhali village in West Bengal. Its dense style of weaving and use of bright and bold colors make them appear more beautiful.

Soft Dhakai Jamdani Saree – It is an upgraded version of Jamdani sarees that has a starch-free texture. This makes the saree soft and comfortable to wear.


What Makes Jamdani Sarees So Special?

Jamdani is a wonderful piece of art and its specialty lies in its weaving techniques and beautiful designs.

You can find various shades starting from monotones, to colorful and vibrant forms that provide every woman a gorgeous look. While Jamdani was made using cotton muslin, today it has been crafted using silk, silver, and gold threads which makes it more fascinating. The art of weaving Jamdani is no longer limited to a traditional form of attire; it has now become a symbol of style and grace. It has now gained world recognition for its unique embroidery and intricate design. So, what could be a more beautiful option than Jamdani to flaunt your ethnicity?


How Can You Find a Good Quality Jamdani Saree?

Before purchasing any jamdani saree, make sure that the saree is authentic. Numerous buyers sell Jamdani sarees online at meager prices. People get tempted to buy a saree without considering its authenticity. The first and foremost factor you should notice is the texture of the fabric.

You can take a piece of it and tug at it to see whether this is real. Remember, weavers, weave actual Jamdani saree with silk. They do not print or sew motifs on the saree. Indian and Bangladeshi women have preferred this saree for years because of its unique color combination. Another factor is the price.

Buyers who promise to sell Jamdani sarees at a lower price are probably selling a fake piece. A real jamdani saree is expensive. To ensure the quality, you can also ask the seller for proof of authenticity.

Each Jamdani saree is made using the warp and weft technique. To check the authenticity of a Jamdani saree, you must reverse the saree and look for any supplementary weft on its back. This is the biggest sign of a good quality Jamdani saree.


A Great Place to Be

This authentic piece of art has been a favorite of many Indian women for centuries. Women love this saree because of its subtle hues, intricate designs, and usage of gold threads.

If you are one of them and love to wear a Jamdani saree on any occasion, you are in the right place. We, at Banglar Sare, sell authentic Jamdani and other traditional sarees at reasonable rates. Visit our website anytime and grab any collection you want!
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