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The Unexplored History of Traditional Baluchari Sarees

The Unexplored History of Traditional Baluchari Sarees

The history of classic Bengali sarees is as fascinating as its unique embroideries and weaving techniques. Such a masterpiece of art is the gorgeous Baluchari Silk Sarees. These sarees are known for their intricate designs and luxurious silk fabric. Each Baluchari saree is a work of art, with intricate patterns and motifs woven into the fabric using a specialized weaving technique. These sarees have a rich cultural history and continue to be an important part of Indian fashion and heritage. The skilled artisans of Bengal are experts in depicting the tales of Indian mythologies in a creative form on the fabric. They make Baluchari saree more appealing by designing beautiful Kalka motifs in various shades.

Swarnachari saree is a beautiful variation of Baluchari sarees. They are known for their heavy embellishments and intricate designs crafted with silver and gold threads. So, let’s explore the glorious history of this beautiful saree and its revival in modern fashion.

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Origin Of Baluchari Silk Sarees

Baluchari sarees were made after the discovery of a new fabric called muslin. These sarees were first made in a small village called Baluchar in the Murshidabad district. The Nawab of Bengal, Murshidquali Khan, helped the industry to flourish by bringing the craft of making Baluchari sarees from Dhaka. Later, a flood in the Ganga river destroyed the entire village. After the tragic incident all the villagers moved to another place called Bishnupur in the Bankura district of Bengal. The artisans of Bengal continued making the sarees in this village. However, Bengali textile industry faced a major declined during the British rule. This is the way Baluchari sarees got its after the village where they were first made.

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Emergence Of Baluchari Silk Sarees

During the British era, the Baluchari saree saw a decline in popularity as the non-patronage in their administration only wanted raw silk and considered India their biggest market for their textile industry. When the last renowned weaver, Dubraj Das died, the knowledge of this craft died, and it disappeared completely from Bengal.

Later in the 20th Century, it was revived by Subho Thakur and Akshay Das, who both were eminent artists. They showed interest in the craft and bought many new designs. Today it is being practiced by most of the weavers in Bishnupur and has gained back its popularity in the textile industry. Many new designs and ideas have been incorporated with the style and soul of the original craft.

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What is the difference between Baluchari and Swarnachari sarees?

Baluchari sarees are known for intricate weaving and are crafted from silk threads. Swarnachari sarees are known for their heavy embellishments and intricate designs made using silk and gold threads.

What occasions are Baluchari and Swarnachari sarees suitable for?

You can wear Baluchari and Swarnachari sarees for all types of occasions like formal events, and weddings.

How can I care for my Baluchari saree?

To keep the shine of your Baluchari saree for a long time you should dry clean it to ensure that they retain its shape and color. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat, and store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.
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