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Say Bye to Skinny Look: Wear a Saree Wisely

Say Bye to Skinny Look: Wear a Saree Wisely

Sarees are a popular Indian garment and an ultimate symbol of ethnic fashion. This woven wonder has been worn by Indian women for centuries and is still worn on special occasions. Wearing a saree portrays the elegance of an Indian woman. However, one should know how to drape the saree perfectly and choose it wisely according to their body shape. 

It is said that sarees can be super slimming, so being an already slim girl and wearing a saree can be very difficult. Sometimes it can make you look like someone has wrapped a saree on a mannequin. This might make you look thinner than usual. Everyone loves to wear sarees, and when it comes to Indian Festivals, they always go for traditional sarees online.

But, for skinny girls, this is always a challenge. Well, fortunately, there are many draping styles present that can make you look good. Certain Bengali Sarees styles can help you overcome this issue if worn with proper accessories. Wearing it in the right way can enhance your curves and is the best blend of glamour and gracefulness. The following blog tells you about all the ways you can drape your saree to look good.

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Tips For Draping Saree That Makes You Look Gorgeous

Here are some popular saree draping styles that can help slim girls accentuate their curves and create a more shapely silhouette.

Seedha Pallu Style: This style involves tucking the pleats at the waist and bringing the pallu over the shoulder. It can help you create an illusion of curves by accentuating your waistline.

Mermaid Style: This is the latest as well as fashionable style that can make you look super glamorous. You should drape the saree in a way that resembles a mermaid tail. This draping style can help create a fuller look by creating the illusion of beautiful curves.

Lehenga Saree Style: To create a lehenga saree style you must drape the saree like a lehenga. It can provide you with a more voluminous look by adding layers and creating the illusion of curves. You can wear this saree style on special occasions like weddings and festivals.

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Choose A Heavy Border Saree 

You can pick a heavy border saree like Tant Silk sarees which can be regular wear or plain heavy silk. This can give the illusion of girth, volume, and curves which will help you look good. You can choose a floral design saree with a brocade border or an abstract printed border. To look less thin, you should wear sarees like organza or cotton silk. If you let the pallu hang loosely on your shoulder, then it will make you look shapely. But it would help if you were careful because sometimes a heavy border can make you look petite and short. You can get most of these traditional sarees online, so choose wisely.

Always Opt For Saree Shapers 

Nowadays, you get a beautiful underskirt or saree shaper to make your shape curvier. The right petticoat can give the saree more volume, and the way you drape it can assure more definition. The saree's shape will make you look good. So, instead of picking one from the rack, order traditional sarees like muslin saree or maheshwari silk sarees online. If you are choosing a party, wear a georgette saree, then you should wear a brocade or jamewar blouse with it.

Enhance Your Look With A Designer Blouse

Many things can complement your saree to make you look good, but nothing like a well-cut trendy blouse. If you are looking for the illusion of weight, go for a heavily embroidered blouse or those with dense prints. You can wear a plain saree but can pair it with a heavy sequenced blouse; it will look stunning. You also get a blouse with 3D appliques or dramatic sleeves, which look beautiful with plain sarees. You should choose the blouse design so that it flaunts the right area and takes the focus away from the problem ones.

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How can I drape a saree to look fuller?

You can try draping your saree in a way that creates more volume at the waist, such as the lehenga style or the classic atpoure style.

Can I wear a saree if I am too skinny?

Yes, absolutely! Many sarees can help you flatter a skinny frame, such as the Tant silk sarees, Kantha stitch sarees, and Dhakai Jamdani.

How can I avoid looking too skinny in a saree?

You can create the illusion of curves by choosing sarees with ruffles, pleats, or embellishments around the waist or hips. Wearing high heels and statement jewelry can help you to create a more proportionate look.
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