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How to Keep Your Handloom Sarees in Good Condition?

How to Keep Your Handloom Sarees in Good Condition?

As Indian women, there is no doubt that we love our traditional dresses, especially sarees. In the beginning, when we were children, we wore our mother’s saree. And we know how exciting it was! In the summer, we mainly give importance to the handloom sarees. There are various types of it including Banarasi, Tussar, Kancheepuram, Berhampuri, Gadwal, Baluchari, South Indian silks, Kalamkaris.

We all love to wear these sarees but do not care much about how to preserve these online shopping designer sarees in your wardrobe. Here we have shared three effective tips about how you can preserve the handloom sarees like a new one.

The Effective Tips

  1. You should not apply deodorants, perfumes and anything to your handloom sarees directly.
  2. We all put naphthalene balls in the dresses to give protection against insects. But don’t repeat the mistakes in this matter. You should not put artificial insect repellents directly in the online shopping designer sarees.
  3. You can wear the saree a few times before washing. And after every wash, you have to dry them well.
  4. We women love to do a lot of make-up when we attend some functions or meetings or special occasions. But you have to put on your make-up before wearing the saree. You cannot remove the makeup stains easily from your saree. So, you have to be cautious.
  5. Do not wash the handloom sarees very often because you can lose the sheen of the sarees from over-wash.
  6. When you buy the handloom saree, make sure to ask the saree seller about how you can keep the saree like a new one. The expert can tell you the exact points.
  7. Many people sweat a lot and as we, most of the Indians live in a humid prone area. So, it is very normal to sweat a lot. Therefore, you have to wear sweat-absorbing pads under the blouses.
  8. If you notice a tear, loose and flaw embellishment in your saree, don’t waste your time. You should consult with an online shopping designer sarees specialist and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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