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7 Easy Steps to Drape a Saree Like a Pro: A Guide for Modern Women

7 Easy Steps to Drape a Saree Like a Pro: A Guide for Modern Women

Many fashion fads have come and gone. If there is one item of clothing that has held fast against the ebb and flow of time and trends, it’s the gorgeous shine of Bengali sarees. Sarees are the epitome of desi fashion. They are a wardrobe staple in a Bengali woman’s home. There is always a saree for every occasion, from intimate pujas at home to workwear to high fashion parties. Their vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unique draping style are what make a Bengali woman look more beautiful. The traditional Bengali saree draping style, also known as the "Atpoure" style, is distinct from other styles of saree draping in India. It adds to the beauty and charm of the saree and its wearer. Popular movies like “Devdas” have done a fair part in presenting the elegance of this timeless saree draping on screen. Be it a maheshwari silk sarees or a muslin saree, you can drape every fabric in this classic style.

However, the problematic thing about pure cotton or tant silk sarees is that they are not exactly easy to drape. Don’t worry. This blog will teach you in 7 simple steps how to drape 6 yards of fabric into a saree that will turn heads.

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Essential Things Needed To Create A Stunning Drape


Draping a saree is no mean feat, here’s everything you will need before you begin –


  • A bunch of safety pins to hold your saree in place. The more the better but do make sure to get pins that don’t rip a hole into your saree. You might also want to get a broch for the pallu drape if you are going to a party.


  • A Blouse. Most of the time, Bengali sarees come with extra fabric, known as a blouse piece. This blouse piece is used to stitch a blouse that fits you perfectly. Today, however, many women like adding a touch of spunk to the traditional saree with a crop top. Contrasted, patterned blouses have also become common in the last couple of years.


  • A Petticoat. The petticoat goes under the saree. Unlike the blouse, petticoats are brought ready-made. Saree shape wears are a popular alternative to traditional petticoats. Shape wears help you obtain a more cinched silhouette and is more comfortable for long-time wear.


  •  And finally, a saree. Now you can buy traditional sarees online from our website!

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7 Easy Steps To Drape A Saree Like A Pro 


Step 1-

Start by wearing a contrasting blouse and a petticoat, ensuring that both fit well and are comfortable.

Step 2-

Find the plain end (non-pallu) of the saree and tuck it into your petticoat just by your navel. Wrap the saree around your waist until you reach your belly button again. Tuck the excess into your petticoat.

Step 3 -

With the saree that is left, start pleating. The pleats should be sized with one finger stretch (from forefinger to thumb). You can use different techniques; the accordion is a popular one. It is also easy to get the hang of for beginners.

Step 4 -

Make 5-8 pleats (depending on you the saree and your waist), tuck the pleats into your petticoat, and secure them with a pin. The safety pin keeps your saree in place while you move around. Once you are happy with how the pleats look, you can run a straightener on low heat along the length for a crisp look.

Step 5 -

The sweep of the saree you are now left with is about to become your pallu. Note the pallu is called anchal in Bengali sarees. You can either leave your pallu flowing or pleat it into place. A flowing pallu is easy enough, all you need to do is bring the pallu to your left shoulder from under your right arm and pin it in place.

Step 6 -

If you had a pleated look in mind, bring the pallu to the left shoulder and begin pleating breadthwise. If your saree has a heavy border, the border should make up the first pleat. Pleat vertically until you have the entire width of the saree pleated into a pallu. Finally, pin it to the sleeve of the blouse on your left shoulder.

Step 7 -

Complete the look with appropriate accessories, such as jewelry, and bangles, to complement the elegance of the outfit.

Voila! You just draped a saree all by yourself!


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Frequently Asked Questions-

What Is The Specialty Of Bengali Style Saree Drape?

The specialty of the Bengali-style saree drape lies in its elegance and grace. It highlights the beauty of the saree and enhances the overall look of the wearer.

How Many Types Of Bengali Sarees Are There?

There are several types of Bengali sarees, each with its unique weave, design, and style. From the intricate Baluchari to the classic Tant, and luxurious Jamdani, Bengali sarees offer a wide range of choices for every occasion.

What Makes Traditional Bengali Saree So Popular?

The popularity of traditional Bengali sarees lies in their vibrant shades and intricate craftsmanship which provides each fabric with a unique look.
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