5 Types of Stunning Kantha Work Saree Designs

5 Types of Stunning Kantha Work Saree Designs

Kantah saree is a trendy style of saree with embroidered work, and the saree originates in West Bengal. It displays a significant skill, a high level of quality, and talent of the rural women in West Bengal. The stitch used in making the saree is a running stitch, and there are enormous demands of kantha stitch saree designs due to its brilliance in design.

Traditionally the embroidery work that is used in Kantha sarees were used for making quilts, sarees, and dhotis. Over some time, the attraction of these brilliant designs has made it very suitable to take a prominent place in Indian fashion industries.

There are excellent designs in Kantha Saree designs a few of which are being listed here.

Black Silk Saree in Kantha Stitch:

The beautiful black silk saree that is heavily embroidered with intricate floral Kantha stitch is perfect for a particular evening function. It comes with new shades of maroon, green and white and has an opulent grandeur in its design.

Terracotta Kantha Silk Saree:

The beautiful Terracotta color makes the work of this Kantha stitch saree look glamorous and lustrous. It is available in great white, gold, and green Kantha stitches floral design made on the border and pallu.

Nakshi Kantha Stitch Saree:

The intricate geometric pattern in a white dress and stunning maroon color make the dress with this design look regal. It can surely make you a special one with the spellbound craftsmanship and with heavily ornate embroidery work.

Reverse Kantha Stitch Saree:

The reverse stitch black tussar saree coming with mango design embroidered with reverse stitch Kantha technique produces real elegant saree.  It is definitely worth the investment and can easily adorn the wardrobe of a woman.

Yellow, Black, and White Kantha Stitch Saree:

Another beautiful yellow kantha stitch saree that comes with black and white pallu makes the saree look fabulous.